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More than just photos

Brand Coaching + Photography, in one

Branding is so much more than a couple of pretty photos and a matching Logo.

Knowing your brand, your vision and who you want to attract is not only crucial for your whole Business but also essential to know before booking any photo session.


Take advantage of your uniqueness

We are all different. This is why, the moment you decide to embrace your uniqueness, you can start building a brand that stands out from the crowd.


For example, I proudly talk about how I moved to Portugal when I was 9, just to go back to Romania in highschool and move again to Germany 4 years later. I talk about how I wasn't able to form a sentence in German when I started my photography apprenticeship and how I started my own business 3 and a half years later. Not to mention my husband and our weddings in Dennmark and India, and of course my daughter and the challenges of being a mother and a business owner.

All these things make me who I am today. By sharing them with my audience, I connect and build trust. This way they will feel more confident in choosing me as their photographer.


My vision

Building a brand can be very tricky. Especially when it comes to photography.

I don't want my clients to look at some pretty photos but not identify with themselves.

I want them to leave my set CONFIDENT, feeling EMPOWERED and CAPABLE. The three ingredients to running any successful Business.



From identifying your Ideal client, your Brand Personality trough the psychology of colour, defining your vision, your esthetics and creating a moodboard, to planning, executing and editing your photoshoot, integrating the images into your brand and helping you launch your new, autenthic Brand.


Advantage Overview


01. Cohesive brand

We'll make sure that not only the colors match, but also your vision to the type of clients you attract.

02. Do justice to your idea

You spent money and energy bringing a business idea to life, don't ruin it by not focusing on your Brand identity.

03. Have fun

Creating a Brand identity should be exciting and Fun, and trust me, if you work with the right people, is nothing less than that!

  • Create a brand Identity that is autenthic to you and use it for years. Trends come and go, but your style is forever.

  • Build trust with your potential clients by showing who you really are.

04. Elevate your brand

By having a professional look & knowing how to speak to your audience, you will attract the clients your business deserves.


The Photoshoot

What you get

Detailed preparation Guide, including the answer to the question "what should I wear? ".

Photosession in the comfort of your home or location of your choice.

Different types of images ( Headshots, lifestyle, details, products- if applicable).

All images in a beautiful online Gallery

Tips on how to use them for social media.


from beginning to end

01. Plan & define

Here we will find out who your ideal client is, and what you need to do to attract them. We'll define your vision, brand personality & strenghts

02. Create & prepare

We'll create your brand identity, style, & we'll have the photoshoot, prepare your audience for the launch trough social media posts that will spark curiosity.

03. Launch & Celebrate

We will officially launch your new brand & Celebrate.

Celebrating small and big wins is essential to any business

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