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Five ways to Use your brand photos

(RE) introduce yourself

Share your vision & your Why. Your Audience will love to read more about yourself + it is a great way to get more engagement.


If you're still only saving recipes and DIY things on pinterest rather than posting content yourself, is about time you start. Good photos get saved and it will drive more traffic to your website

Update your profile picture

Even though a couple of years ago we thought that having a logo as your profile picture makes you look more professional, we quickly realized that a good photo of yourself will take you much further.

Keep updating your website

Jasmine Star, speaks in one of her podcasts about how you should never "put all your eggs in one basket". Even though social media is great & it brings for most of us the biggest amount of clients, you should not invest all your time on it. Why?

Because it will never belong to you. If tomorrow Instagram disappears, or you get hacked, how bad will your business be hit?

So, take care of your website and make sure you invest in good photography.


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