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How I made my Mondays less Shitty

This is how giving up an hour of the "Sunday rest" helped me gain a bunch of hours during the week:

Free planner at the end of the article

I prefer to "start" my week on Sunday evening. This way on monday I can start right away, rather than spending half my time deciding on what to do first.

I also came to realize that if I want to get as many things done in a week as possible, I need to plan them in a specific way.

The reason is to not get too bored that I end up taking a nap instead of working, or too excited that I forget about the less creative but equally important tasks.

But First let's get one thing straight:

Just because you write 50 tasks on a paper, it doesn't mean you are going to succeed faster. On the contrary. It can become overwhelming to the point of completely giving up. It is better to write less & actually accomplish something.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to work:

This is my sistem ( For my business) :
  1. One Important but boring task ( to do first)

  2. One Exciting ( creative ) task (to do last)

  3. 2 Bonus tasks ( the world will not end if you don't finish them today kind of task)

It doesn't always have to be this number. I highly recommend though that you start like this, and if you notice you have to much time left, increase the number of tasks.

This is my sistem ( For myself) :
  1. One task for my Body ( Something healthy, sport, Yoga, etc)

  2. One task for my Mind ( Journaling, meditation, learn something new)

  3. One task for my Soul ( Bubble bath, special meal, Netflix - yes it counts. It makes me happy)

Love note:

Make Self care & "Me time" a priority instead of a reward.

You can still Celebrate your accomplishments! All of them! In fact I recommend you to celebrate something every day if possible.

But not with self care.

Remember, you don't just deserve Self care. You need it!

Bonus for moms:
  1. Something Fun with your little one so you don't feel so guilty at the end of the day ( moms know what I mean)

  2. Make sure they have food...

  3. make sure they have clean clothes for the next day

Now here's the Most important thing:

You will not be able to do all these things every day, and it's OK! You're not supposed to and you are most certainly not the only one.

Just make sure you don't always skip the tasks "for yourself" because the Work ones seem more important. On the contrary. You won't be able to work if you are burned out.

There will be days you'll do all the tasks, and more, while other days you won't be able to do any of them ( ok...maybe try not to skip the one where you give food to your kids).

Just how Rules are made to be broken, tasks are made to be Skipped!

Download my FREE daily planner:

daily planner
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