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How to feel more confident in front of the camera

"I hate having my pictures taken "

- Almost everyone

Having someone take photos of you can feel weird, uncomfortable & quite a hard task, especially since we are programmed to constantly find faults about our bodies. But how can that influence your business?

According to a research by Adobe future of marketing, 71% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or a service from a brand they trust.

And what's a great way to build trust? Correct!

By showing up in front of the camera.

Ok, now that you feel even more pressure and anxiety, let's find a way to make you feel, and look confident in front of the camera:

1. Remember your purpose

Why do you need to be in front of the camera? How is this hard task going to help you achieve your goals? Is it really that important that you look perfect, or is this a way for you to connect to your audience and potential customers? Do you want people to see you as perfect or authentic and approachable? Because if you want to look authentic, all you have to do is be yourself. But with good lighting.

2. Keep your ideal client in mind

Remember who you're doing this for, who you want to attract & make sure that if they see your photo on your social media or website, they will stop scrolling. You can do that by choosing certain colors, you can awaken certain feelings, trough props or lighting and by looking friendly and approachable you can build trust and make them immediately want to work with you.

3. Make a plan.

I noticed that many clients who don't have a plan, tend to feel more nervous.

Before every session I meet or have a zoom call with my clients & send them a Photoshoot guide. It is important that you share with the photographer all ideas, plans and insecurities you have.

4. Choose a photographer you trust & feel comfortable with

Working with someone you trust is crucial. The right photographer will take time to understand you and your brand. It should feel like you are working with a friend who gets you, wants you to do great and doesn't judge you for a second. A photo shooting should end with you feeling great and loving yourself a bit more. The photographer plays a big role in how you feel afterwards.

5. Choose an outfit that makes you feel great.

For most people, having a photoshoot mean s stepping out of their comfort zone & what better way to step out of it if not by looking your best? Wearing something you love & feel amazing in, is a geat way to look more confident and show your professionalism.

Bonus point: Have a good night of sleep and drink a lot of water.

Yes, photoshop can remove dark circles under the eyes, is not about that. Feeling rested and energetic will improve your photos by 1000% . Also take time to prepare before the photoshoot , have your favorite drink, dance to your favorite song & do whatever puts you in a great mood.

A photoshoot is an empowering experience which is great for your business and for yourself! By working with the right people it can be wonderful and I can't promise you won't get hooked!

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Feb 28, 2023


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