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Moms are Bold

Finding out what drives women to break out of the expectations and follow their path.

Being a mom is hard. Being a businesswoman is hard. The "simple" fact of being a woman is hard.

Now try combining all these and you have a whole new difficulty level.

Society often places unrealistic expectations on women, and the pressure to be a perfect mom and a successful business owner or have a perfect job can be overwhelming.

However, more and more women are saying F%&$ it and are breaking out of this zone of perfection and sacrifice, to follow their dreams while still being amazing moms ( no matter what the other Kita moms think).

When I think about my own mother, I cannot help but wonder how she was able to be so strong. I was 9 years old, right after my birthday, when I stepped on the bus that would drive for 21 hours, all the way to Germany. I waved to my dad and I couldn't be more excited to go on vacation abroad. I didn't know at that time that my mom was not planning to come back.

We didn't stay in Germany. After my sister's wedding there, we hopped on the bus again and drove another 24 hours, all the way to the end of Europe. We couldn't understand a word of the language which I later came to know was Portuguese. It was far, we were alone, and we didn't know anyone at the destination.

The rest of the story is for another day.

We didn't have the easiest life in Romania, and my mom wanted more for me. So she left everything behind, searching for a better life. Oh yeah, and she was almost 50 at that time. How Bold is that??


I moved all the way to Berlin, with my husband and my one-year-old daughter, in the middle of the pandemic, because my business was at a dead end. I could either choose to stay and be a baby or wedding photographer, or pack my bags and follow my passion to work with women entrepreneurs.


Both my sisters thought me not to stay in a relationship just because is comfortable. We as women deserve so much more from this life than the bare minimum, and no matter how hard it is in the beginning, our freedom and self-love make it all worth it. I am so so proud of both of them.


I recently learned from a very very good friend, that I don't have to do it all by myself. That it is better to ask instead of waiting/ expecting help to come. I also have no gain in showing that I can do it all by myself. It is not about being able to or not. It's about letting someone else in. I can't explain how much this helped not only my physical and mental health but also my relationship.

So what drives us to be so Bold?

Is it need, passion, or a combination of feelings?

The important thing is to know that we are all Bold! It's in us. Just as we don't need anyone to empower us, we also don't need anyone to teach us to be bold.

We just need a reason for it, so let me tell you a secret:

if you feel you aren't bold, is because you haven't found the reason for it yet. So go find your passion, what moves you, and what is worth fighting for, and trust me, you will start feeling stronger than you could imagine.

Also, surround yourself with people who get you, who support you, and who want you to succeed. It is so easy to feel demotivated and judged, but with the right people around you, negative people and their comments will not have such a big impact.

Do you feel like you have a support system around you?

  • Yess!

  • Not really...


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