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3 steps to a successful brand photoshoot

Are you ready to really start building that business?

I recently read on a Blog that "The Right

Photographer will take time to understand you &

your Brand, rather than taking a " One size fits all


When it comes to choosing a photographer, you gotta make sure you connect. You can book the best and most famous photographer in the whole world, but if your vision doesn't match, the result will be rather disappointing. There's a reason it's called "Personal Branding"! In order to really be able to show who you are, you need to feel comforable in front of your photographer.

So, whoever you choose, make sure you meet for a Coffee first!

I personally work in 3 steps that turned out to be

extremely effective:


We will talk via E-mail or phone about your

expectations and ideas in order to create the best



I will send you a Questionaire so I can get to know you and

your brand better + we will set up a coffee

meeting. After you send me the questionaire back, I will create a mood board which I will show you on step3.


We will meet for coffee, brainstorm ideas for locations, wardrobe, props, and discuss about your questionnaire answers.

Are you ready to succeed?


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